this. stuff. is. weird. ( c o m p l i m e n t )

so yeah.
i'm here, again

so, the holiday is kinda started.
and it kinda gave me a break from what-i-usually-had
such as homework, more homewok, test, lots of homework, remedial, deadline, going home late, extra class, more classes and etc.
but actually
i kinda miss the class
and i really miss these guys so muchh
so, this guys.
is the one that always there for me all the time, and all this year
thankyou for accepting me, and i'm sorry too, for being such a something.
and i'm so grateful and  i'm gonna miss them like so-so-so much

for asyil, my momma :
thankyou for those amazingly great suggestion and opinion that always bring me back to life, YAY!
for all those time we're together and that gazeboo things, and baltos and lots of memories i can't handle bruh, ur so mature and lovable. i can't thakyou enough of what you've done and oh no its sound gayish than i thought but, i love youuuu( lots of hug)

for dara, my supervitamin :
dar. so much.
and time after time gonna be mo…


I know it's a little bit too late.but yeah
Dewa Athena is some kind of  'porak' slash 'sports week'. So, it's like a competition between classes in SMAN 3 Bandung. My Class, X Science 7, won the run relay. thanks for Adham, Nanette, Karina and Bayu. And our Women Double's won for  the Class of 2019! Yay Go Adil and Karina!
They're se cool, while myself can't even run.

So, short story, I should've joined the tug of war. But, I came late:( so I didn't have a chance to join any sports. Because i have another business to do. Which is attending an interview for student exchange, But good news, i'm accepted guys! YAY.
This Dewa Athena divided into 3 parts. The first week, I can't proper came, and at the 2nd day, i can't come again. Because I have a meeting for student exchange. But in the last day, Finally i can come. It was so exciting. the last day begin with Paman Gober. So, we bike around the city (and it was so-so exhasutin…

- C R O S S W O R D -

So today, We're gonna do some crossword! yayyy!

Me, and My Chairmate, Nanette make this (pretty) awesome crossword. he-he.
P.S : The answer maybe a little bit crazy

Let's try to answer it, guys!

5. Rainbow flying horse
8.  West wind
10. A breeze from the west
11. What models do in a runway
13. Place to Sleep
14. Underground train
16. Lies below the surface of the soil
17. Belongs to me
18. Free sample
20. Troye Sivan

1. Tremble, Shake
2. Friend of lemon
3.  When you say yes
4. Over stress
6. Danger arising from being on trial for a criminal offense
7. Folder
9. A big cruise
12. Adamantium claws
13. Badly Behaved Child
15. To fly
17. Silent
19. Street
21. Suit & ….

Goodluck guys!

Learning From Nature

The Development in NatureBy : Hanasalvina
Nature is a big part that supports the life of the world. Even the world itself, is a part of the nature. It is already a billion years, or maybe even more, nature first come to the earth. It looks like simple, but there is a lot of change through then and now. Nature developed, and our civilization is also grow to prosperous and fulfill our live. I need nature,  The Worlds need it, but now nature starts to corrupt,  And it is our time to preserve it.
Nature starts from the water we first drink in the morning, to the last mosquito that bite us when we fall asleep. So, nature is simply everthing around us, either it is alive or not, they have their own benefit for humans, for example the air that the nature give to us as a free items, a bunch of water and soil to support humans life, a sky that protect us from the sun, and the sun that gives us lights, there is also an animals, plants even human around  us that is also a part of nature
Nature take…

h o l i d a y e a y

Hey guys!

I just finished my holiday today, and now i'm here writing assigment about my holiday for my lovely teachers, Mrs. Wiwin.
About my holiday, I'm actually didn't do so much or going somewhere nice. I just prefer relaxing in the house and catching up with my sister and my nephew. I do a lot of 'wasting-time' activity such as watching some movies and TV Series like Americas Next Top Model, Hells Kitchen, Scream Queens, The Flash, and the other must to watch series that i didn't have time to watch when i was in daily activity at school. Besides watching some movies and TV Series, i'm acually playing some games like The Sims 4 and Guitar Hero like omg i'm so wasted. 

I took a driving class and it didn't go so well. I nearly got accident a lot of time and got 'C-' almost everytime, i think i'm just born not to be a good driver wkwk.

The things that i liked to do is playing some guitar and making a little arrangement. I'm actually …

b i o g r a p h y (ft. One Direction)


One Direction are an English-Irish pop boy band based in London, composed of Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and previously, Zayn Malik
They First Known in X Factor season 7th in 2010 from boy category, but they failed in the early round. Later on Simon Cowell signed them to be a band, and continue their journey in X Factor as a band.
The group signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records after forming and finishing third in the X Factor.
Until now, they have 5 albums:
Up All Night (2011) Take Me Home (2012) Midnight Memories (2013) Four (2014) Made in the A.M. (2015)
They have won several awards, Best New Artis on MTV Awards (2012) Choice Music: Group On Teen Choice Awards (2016)


In 2011, the band performed on the BBC's Children in Need 2011 charity telethon, helping raise over 26 million pounds.
In February 2013, One Direction released "One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)" as the 2013 single for the UK's other major…

Moral Story

STORYTELLINGHey Guys! Today we are discussing about story telling. Me and my friend, Ruth Alfari and Adil are doing storytelling, and now it is our time to tell you the moral of these story. 
The first one is Ruth's story

In a faraway land named Bookville there was a library, but it was not a normal library it was a floating library! Many people came to the library on boats and cars. Hundreds of people filled the library everyday. At night a little mouse named Sam came out and took papers from the librarians desk, and took them into his hole. He had written books for his whole life, but he had never shown them to anyone. Sams whole room was filled with books. The only furniture he had was a desk, a chair, a fridge, and a bed.

One day Sam thought he should show his books to everyone. He made up his mind and the next day he put the books in the shelves where they belonged. A few minutes later a child found one of Sams small books. She took the book to the librarians desk a…